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Happy summer!!

Summer brings so many wonderful opportunities!  It’s fantastic being able to enjoy sunlight into the evening hours to sit back and relax outside (as long as we’re not carried away by the mosquitos!), leaving behind the stressful routines of school, looking forward to family trips, or spending a weekend by the water.

There is a sense of freedom in being able to ditch some of the old routines and kick back a bit.  Sometimes, though, those routines bring a much-needed structure and accountability.  The end of May and beginning of June is a season of graduations and completions. It’s important, during these times of transition and change, to look back and be intentional about what we celebrate leaving behind, and what is worth holding onto.

As we prepared for Confirmation Sunday this year, we asked our confirmands to write the story of their faith.  Part of the story for each of these students is the story that we all share, but there are also specific things that God has called each of us to.  I am incredibly encouraged by what these students wrote.  Our confirmands wrote about how they each fit into the big picture of God’s story that started way back at creation.  They also recognize that the story is still unfolding, and God has plans for their future! This journey of faith doesn’t end until God brings us to Him in eternity!!  If you did not receive one of the booklets at worship, some excerpts from their writings are below.  I pray that you also find some encouragement from their stories!

“The Third Article of the Apostles’ Creed tells me that I cannot believe in Jesus Christ by myself, I need the Holy Spirit. I need to stay true to my faith, by going to church, gathering together, and getting my sins forgiven. So that on the last day he will raise me and all other believers, and grant us eternal life.”  Reese Brock

“The next school year is high school. In high school, so many things change, but one thing is for certain. My faith in Christ will not change. Going to church is a scheduled event, and being in God’s house is a blessing. Being in a new environment, I can bring others to God, or I could read the Bible with them. By being involved in Christ, 24/7, it allows you to get a deeper understanding of everything he did for us.” Faith Cour

“I can see God working through my story by providing the people I have around me. My friends, family, pastor, and teachers all encourage me to make the right choice and do what is God pleasing. A good way to make sure I keep my faith is to make sure I’m attending church and staying close to Christ. With my chosen confirmation verse it gives me those special instructions to be fruitful and multiply and have dominion over everyone. Having dominion means God gave me the responsibility to care for others and see to their well-being.” Dominick Fetterer

“As Christians we need to remember that God created everyone. He is your Father since he created you.  Jesus forgives us for our sin and takes care of us.  The Holy Spirit gives you faith by giving you someone you can rely on. When our friends are sad, we can share what Jesus has done for us and what he can do for them.” Matthew Fota

“I think it is very important to be an active part of my church family, we all have to work as a team to stay strong in our belief in God and share the amazing story of him with others. “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours”. If you believe and trust in God then incredible things can happen. I believe that God will help me grow more and accomplish amazing things through his love.” Jada Panko

“Confirmation is taking responsibility of our own faith that God has given us. He will continue to work through me as an adult until I get to be greeted with him at heaven’s door.” Lauren Withers

Please continue to keep our entire Immanuel family in your prayers as we all continue on this incredible journey of faith.  God has called each of us into this family in order to support and encourage one another as we seek His will together!

Your sister in Christ,
Tara Barrett, DCE

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